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My appreciation of the human body began years ago as a dancer. Through many years of movement, I gained a deep understanding of the demands we place on our musculoskeletal system. In addition to this, I spent more than 12 years in administration with a sedentary sit-down job which gave me first-hand experience of the specific challenges lack of movement can place on our bodies.

Driven by my passion for wellness and a desire to help others along that path, I became licensed in massage therapy in 2011.. For the past decade, I have worked with clients in a variety of settings including 5 years in the spa industry working at Austin Springs Spa in Johnson City, TN. While working with individual massage clients I use an integrative therapeutic approach customizing treatments to alleviate pain, facilitate healing, and initiate serenity. 


In 2020, I received certification in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD Vodder technique) through the Academy of Lymphatic Studies (ACOLS) and certification in LDT1, LDT2 and LDT3 from the Chikly Health Institute.  I have also pursued additional training in Plastic surgery Post-op recovery working with individuals who have had a variety of procedures – Liposuction, BBL’s, Facelifts, Tummy Tucks and Mommy Makeovers. Using my specialized training and my intuitive sense of touch, I help plastic surgery clients heal quicker and achieve the best possible outcome from their procedure.

Important Note: My current certification does not allow me to work with clients who have been diagnosed with Lymphedema.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a special technique performed by a trained therapist that works directly with the lymph system. By using light, gentle, circular movements, the therapist increases the flow of lymph fluid throughout the body, flushing the lymph system and detoxifying the body.

What is the Lymphatic system and why is it so important? 

The lymphatic system is an important but often overlooked system in our body. It plays a vital role in our immune response, it helps regulate fluids in our body and it is the body’s natural cleansing mechanism. It operates through a network of fluids, nodes, organs, ducts, glands and vessels that continuously cleanse the body of waste matter. Watch this short video to learn more about the lymphatic system:

What are some the potential benefits of MLD?

  • Reduction of swelling and associated pain

  • Reduction of fluid retention and bloating 

  • Alleviation of minor aches and pains

  • Reduction of sinus congestion and headache relief

  • Immune system support

  • Stress relief and relaxation

How is MLD different from traditional massage?

Traditional massage techniques, such as Swedish, deep tissue, and bodywork, focus on the muscular system. The primary goal of these modalities is to work with the connective tissues to release tight muscles, reduce pain and bring structural balance back to the body.


MLD focuses on the lymph system. During MLD treatments, the therapist uses a feather light touch and a specific sequence that directs lymph flow toward specific regional lymph nodes. The goal of this treatment is to accelerate the flow of lymph so that the fluid can be processed through the lymph system, purified and eventually eliminated by the body. The manipulations of the practitioner are gentle and painless which is why it can easily be tolerated 24 hours after a surgical procedure.

How can MLD help with surgery?

MLD is proven to be excellent therapy for patients who are preparing for and recovering from many types of surgery. Having MLD before surgery will help prepare and cleanse the skin tissues of impurities, giving the surgeon healthy tissue to cut into thus reducing the risk of infection. After surgery MLD can assist the body in flushing out the by-products of anesthesia helping to restore ones energy. MLD is so gentle it can be easily tolerated 24 hours after a surgical procedure.

MLD promotes healing by reducing swelling, bruising, scarring and pain. Because it reduces swelling MLD also improves outcomes for patients with orthopedic injuries often shortening the time it takes to heal. Some studies have also shown that because MLD reduces overall inflammation in the body it can be a very effective treatment for conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Am I a good candidate for MLD?

MLD can be harmful under certain conditions. Some patients may have contraindications or specific situations in which MLD should not be used. During the initial intake we will review your medical history.  If there are any concerns as to whether or not you are a good candidate check with your doctor or surgeon to discuss MLD before booking a treatment.

MLD and Plastic Surgery

Lymphatic Massage after Cosmetic Surgery

After you have plastic surgery, particularly a body procedure like a tummy tuck, liposuction, or a mommy makeover, you want to heal as quickly as possible so you can get back to your daily routine. You also can’t wait to see the final results of your procedure. While following your post-op instructions are key, adding lymphatic drainage therapy can help accelerate your recovery period.


When the body has experienced the stress of surgery the lymphatic system becomes disrupted and can slow down. MLD helps repair the lymph system by assisting in the regeneration of lymph capillaries. Lymphatic drainage therapy is performed by a trained massage therapist who can help reroute the excess fluid so it can be efficiently eliminated by the body.

How can MLD help reduce fibrotic tissue after Cosmetic Surgery?

One of the side effects of cosmetic surgery, particularly tummy tucks and liposuction is swelling. This is a normal inflammatory response and a part of the healing process as fluid rushes to the area to nourish it with white blood cells. An excess of this fluid can often cause fat cells to harden causing the tissue to become fibrotic within a few weeks of surgery. In addition to lymphatic drainage therapy your massage therapist will incorporate massage techniques to help break up this fibrotic tissue and restore the skin to a soft and supple state.

What are some of the Benefits of Post-op MLD?

Since your lymphatic system is key to healing, regenerating tissues, and removing toxins from the body, adding MLD to your post-op care can provide a variety of benefits, including:


  • Removing excess water and metabolic waste from the tissues in the body

  • Reducing scar formation by boosting the healing responses

  • Improving skin quality and providing a more vibrant appearance

  • Reducing recovery time so you can see the end result

  • Supporting relaxation and relieving stress

Many doctors highly recommend MLD after surgery for both their patients’ comfort as well as to help them get the best possible results after their procedure.

How many MLD treatments are required to experience results?

The number of recommended treatments varies depending on the patient’s needs and the specific procedure. For example, a facelift or minor procedure may require only 3-5 treatments. More extensive procedures like Tummy Tucks, Mommy Makeovers, Liposuction or BBL’s often require 10-12 sessions. We understand that this is an additional investment in your healing so to help with this we offer discounted rates when purchased as a package.

MLD Post-op Packages

60 Minutes

5 sessions - $350 (save $15)

10 sessions - $650 (save $65)

45 Minutes

5 sessions - $250 (save $15)

10 sessions - $450 (save $65)

MLD and Plastic Surgery
MLD Post-op Packages

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